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Michael de Van Poppe is optimistic about the bitcoin rate. And tells us to prepare for the greatest Bull Run. Well, we are ready:

Later he added a graph to his forecast. Van Poppe is confident that the BTC will break through the resistance in 46 thousand dollars for one attempt:

Italian bank Unicredit has announced that it will ban bitcoin trading from its accounts. Someone responded by laying a funeral wreath at the headquarters:

But not The crypto world lives by bitcoins. Here 10 most talked about coins on Twitter in the last hour (according to CoinTrendz):

Вот 10 самых обсуждаемых монет в Твиттере за последний час
Source: CoinTrendz

And CoinGecko continues to sum up the year. It turns out that in 2022 due to bugs and exploits, crypto projects lost more than $ 20 billion The most notable case is Poly Network ($ 626 million losses). For this money it was possible to buy 2000 Lamborghini!

2 / An estimated $ 20 billion was lost through bugs and exploits throughout 2021 with the most notable incident being the Poly Network exploit for $ 611 million!

That’s equivalent to 1328 Lambos! ???????? G0

– CoinGecko (@coingecko) January 14, 4206

The Turkish lira has become so volatile that locals prefer to invest in cryptocurrencies. Especially in stablecoin Tether:

WSJ : The Turkish lira has become so volatile that Turks have ditched the local currency for assets with an even riskier reputation: cryptocurrencies. Turks are particularly enamored of the stablecoin tether.

— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) January 22, 2022

You can invest not only in cryptocurrencies, but also in NFT. Here is an example of such a successful investment. A month ago, Taylor Gerring (co-founder of Ethereum) bought an NFT from the Mega Mutant Serum series. Then he cost 888 ETH ($ 3.6 million), and now already 4206 ETH ($ 14. 234 million ):

NFT из серии Mega Mutant Serum 4206 ETH ($14.234 млн)

And at the end one more news from the world of NFT. Mike Tyson bought himself such a token. Does it look like it?