Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin


The American technology giant IBM received a grant of $738 thousand from the authorities of the state of Delaware to develop a prototype of a corporate business projects accounting system based on blockchain, writes Delawareonline. The state will use a prototype developed by IMB to determine how blockchain can help businesses registered in the region. […]

IBM Received a Grant From Delaware for the Development of a Pilot Blockchain Service for Business

On July 20-22, Moscow will host a hackathon conference on the development of games using blockchain, GameNode. The event will bring together leaders of the gaming industry, blockchain experts and leading developers of the industry. The event was organized by Mail.Ru Games Ventures (MRGV) together with Expload. The participating teams will gather at Yota Arena […]

A Hackathon on Development of Blockchain Games With a Prize Fund of 1 Million Rubles Will be Held in Moscow

The Institute of planning and design of Hangzhou in China, together with the local blockchain-association Hangzhou Association of Blockchain Technology, is launching an innovative system designed to improve the efficiency of urban waste processing. The project will explore the possibilities of blockchain to optimize waste management programs, separate collection and recycling. The blockchain-app, developed as […]

The Chinese City of Hangzhou is Developing a Blockchain-Based System for Optimization of Waste Processing

Benson Oak Ventures, Czech’s venture Benson Bank department is going to invest $100 million into Israeli Blocjchain startups, says The Jerusalem Post. The fund has raised $25 million already and the participants still remain unknown. Benson Oak Ventures works with institutional investors. Only private investors, offices and strategic entities can join the project. We note […]

Benson Oak Venture Fund to Invest $100 Million Into Israeli Blockchain Technology

The idea is to optimize supply chain in industry. Open Mineral — a startup created by former traders from commodity house Glencore. It has been announced that it started working with Ethereum based ConsenSys for developing platform called Minerac. The company still keeps a secret the names of other firms who joined Consortium. According to […]

Swiss Metal Trading Platform Plans Blockchain Consortium

Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies that are used to avoid traditional system within the European Union now can breathe a sigh of relief. Germany based SolarisBank has announced that it obtained the license necessary for services provided for cryptocurrency-linked companies in the EU. Companies will be able to open a Blockchain Company account using fiat currency. […]

Germany’s SolarisBank Is Allowed To Service Blockchain Companies

Bitcoin price declines, it is traded at $6,6 — 6,7k. However, according to analysts’ forecasts, it will reach $7k in short-term run. According to the CoinMarketCap portal which uses the data of more than 20 exchanges to calculate average price, bitcoin got cheaper by 1,19% and costs $6,688. Its price reduced by 1,87% – down […]

Bitcoin is Trading at $6,6k

A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Bancor claimed that 24,984 ETH (approximately $12 million), NPXS (worth of $1 million) and BNT (worth of $10 million) were stolen due to vulnerability. According to Bancor’s post on Twotter, technical vulnerability is determined, the case will be investigated. The exchange assured that the user wallets had not been compromised and […]

Bancor CryptocurrencyExchange is Hacked, $12 Million Worth of Ethereum are Stolen

The team has released a new language – Vyper Vyper offers developers an alternative to Solidity with changes that make it an upgrade. Testing Vyper compiles into the EVM byte code – Ethereum Virtual Machine. It is very similar to Solidity. However, the whole process will become easier and more user-friendly. It aims to make […]

Ethereum Reaches to a Higher Level of Security

The technology will be presented at the international industrial exhibition “Innoprom-2018” in Yekaterinburg. Twenty Moscow manufacturers will present more than 40 of their latest developments, that can also be competitive in international markets. Some of them have analogues neither in Russia, nor abroad. For example, the world’s fastest blockchain platform for traffic analysis and traffic […]

The Moscow Authorities Will Present “The World’s Fastest Blockchain Platform” for Analyzing Travel Conditions