Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin


Weird things happen to Bitcoin: the price of the cryptocurrency drops, transactions remain the same, and mining difficulty grows. Bitcoin (BTC) challenges the “miners follow money” trend – the price of cryptocurrency dropped to $6k and mining is growing and the level of activity is even higher than it was in the previous years. According […]

The Bitcoin cost is falling, but mining is at a record levels

The Bank of England (BoE) warns large business investors regarding trading cryptocurrency assets leading to potential “reputational losses” and fraud. Sam Woods, the deputy governor of BoE, issued the warning to all the high ranked bank managers stating all the risks they are running due to cryptocurrency usage. Mr. Woods emphasized that the regulator is […]

The Bank of England warns about risks related to cryptocurrencies

Leaving aside economic aspect, Bitcoin is “an extraordinary social phenomena”. According to Forklog, it was stated by Robert Shiller, the Nobel laureate in economics and one of the most outstanding critics of cryptocurrencies. It appears to professor Shiller that, judging by clear demography of bitcoin, its popularity is not confined to “rational respond to new […]

Nobel Laureate in economics: Bitcoin is an extraordinary social phenomena

Former employees of Russian payment giant Qiwi launched the first Russian cryptocurrency investment bank HASH via the Qiwi Blockchain Teсhnologies (QBT) company. Sergey Solonin, general director and main shareholder of Qiwi group considered participation in the project in the role of a strategic investor, but then decide to watch its development and make a decision […]

First cryptocurrency investment bank to open in Russia

The Bureau was running 130 crypto-currency investigations, the supervisory special agent Kyle Armstrong told at the Crypto Evolved conference in New York that. Having said so, he is sure that the number of the case that require investigation is, in fact, bigger than several thousands. It is about human trafficking, illegal drug sales, kidnapping, and […]

FBI carries out 130 crypto-currency related investigations

Claire Wells, Circle Finance and Legal Director, is sure that bitcoin price will go up. According ho her, the key part is cryptocurrency market regulation. Goldman Sachs startup that is being supported due to unstable situation on the market still attracts a lot of institutional investors to the trading platform. The company has announced that […]

Circle Director considers it inevitable that bitcoin price will go up

Reddit got really hot just a couple of hours ago when the community found out about multimillion transaction that had the minimum fee. Unknown whale made 48,500 BTC and paid only 675 satoshi (0.04 USD). According to the current rate, this bitcoin whale converted $300 million within a couple of minutes. Several posts about this […]

Bitcoin whale converted $300 million into BTC paying only $0.04

Cryptocurrecies lose their cost. Digital money can become devalued soon. The rate of the main currency – Bitcoin – fell below $6,000. There are no obvious reasons for a decrease in this case, only inertial pressure, maybe, there are some technical factors. Earlier this week, stricter regulation rules were announced in South Korea, and the […]

Bitcoin is about to crash. Is this the end?

Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, officially announced launch of a new trading platform in Uganda – Binance Uganda. The exchange will have a first-ever fiat-crypto trading pair with the Uganda shilling. Today cryptoexchange opens user registration, first 20,000 of them will get 0,5 BNB – Binance’s internal tokens – as […]

Binance launches its first crypto-fiat exchange in Uganda

Will Hobbs, the Head of investment strategy of Barclays Smart investor, stated that cryptocurrency inherent value is still lower than current bid prices. That’s why it has not been “defeated”. Mr. Hobbs is still skeptical about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies prospects when it comes to the world economy. According to him, it might cause the […]

Barclays: cryptocurrency defeat is not over