Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin


Software giant Microsoft has developed a new product Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) that allows businesses across industry verticals to deploy a flexible instance of Ethereum tailored specifically for enterprise environments.

Microsoft Presents New Ethereum Blockchain Based Product

During the second quarter of 2018, ICO investments increased by 151% according to ICORating research. Primary offerings of different projects raised $8,3 billion. The total amount of money raised in the 6 months is $11,3 billion which is 10 times more than during the same time frame of 2017.

ICO Raised $8,3 Billion In the Second Quarter of 2018

Major investments and historical high amount of power used along with cryptocurrency price downfall that’s why is happening in the market right now.

Bitcoin Price Grow Will Follow Mining Record

The company decided to do it after receiving positive response from community for an opportunity to store digital money in the mobile app.

Opera to Add Cryptocurrency Wallet to its Desktop Browser

Bob Goodlatte, Republican congressman from Virginia and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in the US, holds as much as USD 80,000 in cryptocurrency, according to a Sludge report on Monday, citing the congressman’s annual financial disclosure.

First US Congressman Declared Bitcoin

Bitcoin is sharply down due to unexpected news. The SEC issued a statement today confirming that their decision on the Cboe BZX Exchange application would be postponed until 30th September 2018 at the latest, forklog reports. In a written memo, the Commission determined that a longer period of consideration was “appropriate” in coming to this […]

Bitcoin Goes Down: SEC postpones Bitcoin-ETF decision to September 30

One and the same address is sending and receiving transactions consuming most of the resources The Ethereum network is once again undergoing what looks like a spam attack. GAS is an internal Ethereum currency that is used today miners for handled transactions.

Ethereum Is Overloaded Again

Ethereum developers are working on testing and implementation of the next hard fork Constantinople. The update will make the ethereum network more efficient and less costly in terms of fees.

Ethereum Tests Next Hard Fork Code

West Virginia authority is planning to roll out mobile voting for its midterm elections in November for the first time in the US.

The US Will Use Blockchain Apps for Voting All Around the Globe

Senior Director of Huobi Pro (Top 2 of the world’s crypto-exchanges in terms of trading volume) Wu Xing will speak at the international forum on blockchain and cryptocurrencies Blockchain life 2018 in St. Petersburg.

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Pro is going to Russia