Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin


A bank in Zurich will work with digital money which were accepted as payment or earned with the help of mining. The growth of popularity of cryptocurrencies and high demand for them made Swiss bank Maerki Baumann start accepting digital money. The bank won’t offer the clients cryptocurrency investments, but will provide experts who can […]

Swiss Bank Maerki Baumann Starts Accepting Cryptocurrencies

The users having the biggest trading volume for some period of time will be able to get from to 2 to 1700 Cardano coins. The most active traders of OKEx exchange will be able to get Cardano tokens for free on August, 9-16. Altcoins/Btc, Tether, Eth and local OKB token trading volume will be taken […]

How to Get Free Cryptocurrencies: the OKEx Exchange Gives Out 800k Tokens

British bank Barclays has put together a team of senior staff members to explore how it can start trading cryptocurrencies, according to a report by Barrons. Barclays, investment bank based in Great Britain, is planning to launch cryptocurrency project. The group is reportedly led by former global head of energy trading Chris Tyrer, who is […]

What is happening to the market? Barclays intends working with cryptocurrency

Bitcoin derivatives trading provider LedgerX says it saw a “record” amount of trading volume over the last two months, says CoinDesk. The company cleared 50 million USD in derivatives volume in July alone, president and chief risk officer Juthica Chou in her interview to CoinDesk. LedgerX launched a new bitcoin purchasing system last month and […]

LedgerX Reports Trading Records in July

A group of Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges have formally submitted a detailed proposal to form a self-regulatory organization to the nation’s Financial Services Agency (FSA), Asia Times reports. The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) was formed by 16 exchanges in March 2018 and was officailly registered by FSA in April. JVCEA has applied to become […]

Japanese Bitcoin Exchanges Intend to Create Self-regulatory Organization

The scam bots have quickly spread across the Internet and captured Twitter. Most social network users are accustomed to the incessant advertising appeals from at least a little bit popular crypto-figures, but the problem has begun to change. Recently a cyber security company Duo Security has published a research, showing how the scale of harm […]

Cryptobots are a New Threat to Twitter

A couple of weeks ago, treasure hunters from Shinil said they had discovered a cruiser of the Russian Empire with 200 tons of gold. To raise funds for its lifting they would sell digital tokens. But now the Korean police and Interpol have taken on the gold ICO, suspecting the organizers of fraud. It is […]

Gold ICO was Taken on by the Korean Police and Interpol

As ForkLog reports, the price of Ethereum Classic has approached three-moths high against the background of recent positive news. It’s close to $20.

Ethereum Classic Price Approached Three-Moths High

A Statement Saying That the Exchange Will Be Shut Down Was Published On Fake WEX Account on According to ForkLog, the moderator of account on forum published a statement on the closure of the exchange due to the lack of funding from beneficiaries. However, the official page of WEX is WEX-OFFICIAL, which […]

Fake news about closure of WEX exchange was published on Bitcointalk

KICKICO, which recently recovered 70 million stolen KICK tokens following a hack last week, are now experiencing a huge surge in their coin’s value by over 45% since the attack. This rise in price could be due to anticipation of an exciting new project soon to be launched. It has been rumoured lately that certain […]

KickCoin holders will receive approx. $40 million of UOS blockchain tokens via airdrop