Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin


Japanese company Fujitsu will be engaged in operational development of viable blockchain-based business solutions. It is reported by the Register. A wide range of services will be available to corporate clients: from introductory lessons on blockchain technology to evaluation of proposed scenarios of use and release of the first prototype on the fifth day. The […]

Fujitsu’s New Service Allows to Create Blockchain Solutions in Five Days

For the first time EOS blockchain surpassed Ethereum, its major rival, for the amount of transactions handled within 24-hour period. New record is 727,334 transactions com-pared to 680,000 ETH transactions.


The Maltese Parliament unanimously passed the law on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. New department is going to regulate crypto industry and ICO projects are going to be obliged to publicly publish their financial information. Silvio Schembri, Maltese member of Parliament announced that Steven McCarthy will become the chairman of the Department of Innovation. There are suggestions […]

Malta Officially Regulates Blockchain And ICO

Summer is in full swing, but Bitcoin continues to decrease rapidly. Thus, relatively recently, there was a rise, but the EU with its directives again returned the currency to the previous level. Money laundering is seriously considered by the European Union, which simply could not bypass Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is Falling in Price Due to the Actions of the EU

The municipality of the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, announced the blockchain cooperation with the technological giant IBM. The company will develop strategies for implementing DLT-technology in public services. This is reported by IBM will be assisted by the technology partner of the municipality – Elm. The task of the American Corporation is to […]

IBM Will Help Saudi Arabia to Implement Blockchain in Public Administration

The price of bitcoin on Thursday continues to decline to the level of 6.2 thousand dollars, according to trading data. Experts expect a further reduction in price of the cryptocurrency. According to CoinMarketCap, which calculates the average price on more than 20 exchanges, as on 10.11 MSK bitcoin fell by 2.02% — to 6,237 thousand […]

Bitcoin Price Continues to Fall, Trading at About $6.2k

The authorities of South Korea plan to consider several bills before the end of July, which strengthen regulation of cryptocurrencies, ICO, and also relate to blockchain technology. Several political parties will present their proposals, the Korea Times writes. Why this is important 1.In late June, the South Korean authorities tightened requirements for crypto-exchanges. The formal […]

South Korea Will Consider Bills on Cryptocurrencies and ICO Before the End of the Month

Bitfinex crypto exchange, located in the British Virgin Islands, has reported on the conclusion of a partnership with the Swiss company Market Synergy GmbH, which provides services to trading networks for banks, brokers and hedge funds when trading digital currencies. This step is targeted at institutional investors. Bitfinex is not the only cryptocurrency exchange targeting […]

The cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex will apply a new data center in Switzerland for servicing industrial clients

The Opera web browser will be the first popular web browser to add a built-in Ethereum wallet. This was announced today by the company. Opera adds Ethereum wallet The wallet, originally available via the Opera browser and currently limited to a private beta, is intended to provide users with “friendly and easy” access to decentralized […]

The Popular Opera Browser Will Add a Built-in Ethereum Wallet

Mining pool group BitPico conducted a stress test for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network and found the evidence that this altcoin is centralized. Experts claim that 98% of the nodes are located in one and the same server bank. BitPico team announced that they were going to handle «attack 51%» on Bitcoin Cash in June and […]

BitPico: 98% Of Bitcoin Cash Nodes In One Server