Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin

Articles CEO and Bitcoin Cash follower Roger Ver muddied the waters again, making Bitcoin investors angry.

Roger Ver: Bitcoin Cash Will Become What Bitcoin Should Be In 2019

Bitcoin Cash, an altcoin created after fork in 2017 may die, reports Cobra, dubious and anonymous creator of and

« BCH Is Dead, BSV Is A Useless Shitcoin», — And Founder

January was especially successful for Tron – altcoin managed to increase by two times. Today, the coin is traded at the level of $0.025, its capitalization reached $1.66 billion.

Justin Sun: We Want To Make Tron The Most Popular Brand In The World

Company’s partner Sterling Witzke does not believe that 2019 will bring fundamental changes in the market.

Winklevoss Capital: Investors Consider Cryptocurrency, But Don’t Make The Plunge

According to Ran Neuner, CNBC cryptocurrency trader show host, cryptocurrencies will hit a record in terms of the longest bear market in the history of cryptocurrencies in 30 days.

The Longest Bear Market Period In The History Of Cryptocurrencies

Almost seventeen months passed since the day when Bitcoin Cash was created – that’s enough to draw conclusion regarding successfulness of the fork. BCH team positions its projects as “something more than just a mere altcoin”. But is it really so?

Sad Result: Why Is Bitcoin Cash A Fail?

One out of four world’s largest auditor companies – Deloitte – published a report dedicated to the main trends in technology area. According to the specialists of one of Big4 companies, «advanced network technological communications will become leaders of the digital future», and distributed ledger technology is among them. The word “blockchain” is mentioned in […]

Deloitte: Blockchain Develops Rapidly

Darknet users started using Bitcoin for making settlements twice more in 2018. The demand for Bitcoin increased against the background of cryptocurrency market drop and drop of interest to darknet, reported Chainalisys firm which explored bitcoin transactions. The company promises to publish the research in the end of the current month.

Cryptocurrencies Were Used Twice More Often In DarkNet In 2018

ICO campaigns which ended in the first half of January brought $160 millions to their organizers, reports Cointelegraph referring to the results of ICObench portal’s research.

Research: ICOs Collected $160 Million During First Half Of January

A bill created to classify digital tokens was introduced to Congress on December, 20. The document defines difference between digital urrencies and securities. How will new regulation standard change cryptocurrency industry development?

How Will Digital Tokens Be Regulated In USA?