Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin


The investor is sure that in the future the coin will be used much more often, so its price will increase. Bitcoin is becoming more and more available for trading, as the market is constantly evolving, believes billionaire investor Mark Lasri. In the near future, the coin will be more widely used, says the head […]

Mark Lasri: Bitcoin Will Rise to $40 Thousand

Since the beginning of the year, China has registered six times more companies with the word “blockchain” in names than for the entire 2017. Why this is important 1. Despite the caution of the Chinese authorities regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the country has a lot of developments in this area. Now China has about 4 […]

The Number of Chinese Companies with the Word “Blockchain” in Names Increased Six Times

The head of the crypto-fund is sure that the real rise is yet to come, but it is important not to miss it. Martin Lalonde, the president and portfolio manager of Rivemont Crypto Fund, believes that Bitcoin will be able to triple its price in the next 24 months without any problems. He stressed that […]

Martin Lalonde: Bitcoin Price Will Easily Triple in a Couple of Years

The Iranian Parliament is going to use digital tokens for the purpose of circumventing US sanctions. The authorities of differ-ent countries also believe that cryptocurrency might weaken the dollar. Donald Trump continues to impose sanctions on different coun-tries. He has already started trading war with China that will soon influence cryptocurrency market, according to the […]

Cryptocurrency As Main Instrument of Political Games

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology believes that the government should push more relaxed regulations for new Technology China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) says that the country should «unite» for better blockchain development and spreading of the technology as a base for new digital economy. China’s vice-minister of industry and information […]

China Calls For Industrial Scale Of Blockchain Use

The blockchain technology has already revolutionized many areas. An increasing number of digital marketers use it as an assistant for a number of tasks, for example, to see how many of their ads are viewed by real people. Advertisers are interested in blockchain for several reasons. Some hope that new developments will increase the speed […]

Leading Advertisers Stake on Blockchain Technologies

Clem Chambers believes that Bitcoin is algorithmic asset. British entrepreneur, author, journalist and blogger known for his involvement in ADVFN, says that charts don’t explain everything about cryptocurrency. If you have a look at any diagram of Bitcoin you will see that this cryptocurrency is on the bear market. Current price of «digital gold» is […]

Experts: Bitcoin Price Can Go Up 1000 Percent

Russia is not in the list but the experts consider it very promising. Group of analysts working for Crypto Finance Conference stu-died open data of 100 different ICO including the funds raised and the number of projects launched in various countries. Study has shown that the US is the most favorable country for ICO because […]

Countries With Most Vibrant ICO Scene

Investors in digital assets are afraid of new threatening statistics – the Stasis Group called 80% of ICO held last year fraudulent. However, if you look at the amount of money received by crooks, the ratio is much less terrible – they got about 11 % (1.34 billion). The lion’s share fell only on two […]

In the Stasis Group Called the Fraudulent 80% of ICO

Experts called the most favorable countries for the initial coin offering. Russia is among the five countries where since the beginning of this year the most ICO has been held. This indicates favorable conditions for initial coin offerings. The rating is presented in a recent study of Crypto Finance Conference. Within the framework of the […]

Russia is Among the Five World Leaders in ICO