Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin


Bitcoin turned up on July 12 from 6000. On the daily chart, bitcoin broke up the trend lines and the Ichimoku cloud.

Bitcoin (BTC): Will Bulls Break Through a Strong Resistance Zone?

The former Vice President of the investment Bank JPMorgan Chase said that the blockchain could be the key to preventing the next global financial crisis. Pan Huadon, who is currently an honorary scientific advisor to the Asian blockchain-Institute, said that his experience at JPMorgan during the peak of the financial crisis of 2008 made him […]

Blockchain Will Prevent the Next Global Financial Crisis

Average annual investment growth rate is going to reach 73,2% IDC released its report predicting blockchain spending to reach a new peak of almost $12 billion in 2022. Average annual investment growth will hit 73,2%. This year the company invested in blockchain 1,5 billion USD, twice as much as last year. The United States invest […]

IDC: Blockchain Investments Will Reach 12 Billion USD

As of July 22, 2018, Ethereum ETH/USD is trading at the level of 457. Currently Ethereum (ETH) has managed to overtake thousands of other cryptocurrencies and win second place on the market. The rapid growth of the rate only fuels the interest of investors. More and more people mine Ethereum, and the forecast of its […]

The Price of Ethereum Will Exceed $2 500 by the End of 2018

Such results were received by researchers of Boston College. A study, conducted by Professor Leonard Kostovetsky and Hugo Benedetti, analyzed more than 4,000 ICOs, which had collected a total of $ 12 billion between January 2017 and March 2018, and contain a number of interesting considerations. Overall Figure Using data collected from ICOdata, ICOdrops, ICObench, […]

Post-ICO Survival Rate Is 44%

The growth of ICO market goes down and the number of investors willing to invest money into it decreasing. The amount of projects entering the market this week went down 38%, says Forbes with the reference to ICO Alert report. A lot of projects are postponing token sale because of this tendency. However, the number […]

ICO Projects Market Slows Down

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China has recently published its third cryptocurrency rating index. In June, NEO, Stellar, Lisk and Nebulas were at the very end of the list while Ethereum and EOS at the top. This month EOS and Ethereum are still holding the leading position. Ripple, Stellar and NEO slightly […]

EOS and Ethereum Are Considered The Best Cryptocurren-cies In China

Jeremy Allair, the chairman of Circle start up, believes that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will be a part of our everyday life just like the Internet in 2018. «Ethereum is going to play an important role in it» —he said in his interview for CNBC. The head of Circle also noted that Ethereum makes other […]

Circle: Thanks to Ethereum Blockchain Becomes As Popular As The Internet

David Gallo, an oceanographer and world-renowned explorer of the wrecked Titanic, along with blockchain treasure hunters from PO8 will search for valuable artifacts on wrecks near the Bahamas. David Gallo is sure that at the bottom of the ocean can be hidden artifacts and treasures of the Spanish Galleons carrying treasures of the Spanish Empire […]

How Can Blockchain Help Find Sunken Treasure?

According to analysis by the Big Innovation Centre, DAG Global and Deep Knowledge Analytics, the UK will be in strong position to be leader in crypto economy in 4 years. Experts believe that this European country has all the required resources as well as industrial and governmental will. The repost says that £500m-plus worth of […]

UK Taking Over US Leading Position In Cryptocurrency Industry