Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin


American Express, credit card giant, has filed a patent application for blockchain-based proof-of-payment technology. Blockchain is not new to American Express. Throughout the past few months, we have seen that the company offered financial services and supported this technology. Bitcoin might be a competitor, blockchain is the key It’s been a long way. In 2014 […]

American Express Considers Blockchain For Proof-of-Payment Tech-nology

According to crypto exchanges, the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is trading at $6,3k at press time due to the news on Ban-cor hackers’ attack. Right now the most popular digital coin in the world went down 1,06% and trading at $6,2k at press time. However, Bitcoin price hasn’t effected any other cryptocurrencies: Ethereum went down […]

Swiss Cryptoplatform Hackers’ Attack Crashed Bitcoin

The Central Bank conducted a survey that shows that Bitcoin ownership increased by 72 percent from 2016 to 2017. Bitcoin Omnibus Survey (BTCOS) has recently updated the survey conducted by the Central bank of Canada on December 12-15, 2017. the results have shown that 5% of the Canadians own bitcoin which is 2,9% more than […]

Bitcoin Ownership in Canada is Up 72 Percent Since 2016

Blockchain will help prevent accidents on the roads The largest automakers are increasingly turning to blockchain technology: Volkswagen intends to patent a device based on the distributed ledger technology for information exchange between cars. The main function of this device is to prevent collisions during maneuvering, changing lines and overtaking. Read more about the benefits […]

A Cryptocurrency School, Australia Without Bureaucracy and Anti-Disaster Blockchain

A new body will be established in the United Nations. Today, at a press conference, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that the Organization was ready for a dialogue on new digital technologies and that a new body would be created for this purpose. It will be responsible for cooperation in the field of digital […]

The UN Turned Attention to the Blockchain

Spencer Bogart, a partner of Blockchain Capital Fund, said in an interview with the CNBC. Despite the positive attitude to cryptocurrencies, today Bogart notes an interesting trend: the crypto-currency funds that appeared in 2017, in his opinion, can be considered as the main factor of falling prices in the market. The fact is that last […]

Spencer Bogart of Blockchain Capital believes that the market is collapsing because of crypto-funds

Within 5 years, projects based on blockchain will invest $1 billion into the telecommunications sector. This was reported by MarketWatch, providing new forecasts for the cryptocurrency industry. According to the world research center Research and Markets, the blockchain technology can bring telecommunications companies $46.6 million this year, and in 2023 the amount will be approximately […]

Blockchain Will Bring the Telecommunication Industry $1 billion

Scientists from Boston college have analyzed 2 390 projects which finished ICOs before May, 2018. Experts announced the most secure investment strategy and noted that the market became safer. Only 44% of ICO continue its work 4 months after ICO, according to scientists from Boston college, Bloomberg says. Hugo Benedetti and Leonard Kostovetsky have analyzed […]

56% of Projects Die Right After ICO Is Over

According to scientists of Imperial College London, cryptocurrencies might be the «next step» for development of World economy, says Independent described a new study by professor William Knottenbelt and Dr Zeynep Gurguc. The results of their study show that Bitcoin and Ethereum have already gone through the necessary tests and the the potential to […]

Scientists: Bitcoin Can Replace Traditional Money System

Bitcoin, the most popular and the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world, went down to $6,3-6,4k due to the news on Swiss crypto platform Bancor hackers’ attack. Bitcoin price went down 1,33% and reached $6,48k at 9.11am says RIA Novosti with reference to CoinMarketCap that calculates the average price using over 20 exchnages. The largest […]

Hackers’ Attack on Bancor to Impact Bitcoin