Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin


According to the US based legal analysts, most of the users believe that the first cryptocurrency will lose leading position in the list of digital money capitalization. Companies leaders and investors consider Ethereum as a better investment than Bitcoin or other leading cryptocurrencies such as Monero, Dash and Zcash, Foley & Lardner research states. Almost […]

Foley & Lardner: American Investors Prefer Ethereum to Bitcoin

It has became known recently that Google co-founder and Alphabet Inc. President mines Ethereum (ETH) together with his 10-years-old son. This was announced at Blockchain Summit on the island of Sir Richard Branson. Sergey Brin becomes a fan of cryptocurrencies. It emerged that he considered a Zero-Knowledge Proof Protocol created by Zcash to be “mind-boggling”. […]

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin mines Ethereum (ETH), Saying That Blockchain is a “Technological Renaissance”

At least one bitcoin myth can be crossed off the list. The long-awaited disclosure of the secret keys related to the already existing notification system built into bitcoin, was e-mailed by two developers of Bitcoin Core, Brian Bishop and Andrew Chow. In the letter, they wrote that the reason for the full disclosure of bitcoin […]

What Happens if the Secret Bitcoin Key Becomes Public

The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) — is the main bank of the country and financial regulator — published the information on bitcoin and renminbi trading stating that it went down 1%. The official press agency of China says. The report also states that 88 platforms and 85 ICOs were closed by PBoC «with no […]

PBoC: The Chinese Renminbi and Bitcoin Trading Went Down 1% Due to Regulator

Blockchain startups are competing with traditional players when it comes to payment and money transferring systems, says «Kommersant». Payment system PlasmaPay launches the aggregator that is going to unite financial service providers and the clients that are handling money transfers in fiat and digital currencies. Traditional systems do not consider this new project a serious […]

Blockchain Startups are Taking Over Traditional Market Players

The last two years, the French have been closely monitoring the ICO market. To process the main points of the future legislation, they created a special commission, which has established the primary boundaries. Today, the French side said that such countries as Russia (with active study of all possible areas of application of cryptocurrencies and […]

The French Authorities Intend to Take the Best of Russian, Chinese and American Laws to Regulate the ICO

Trading platforms will be spun off into a separate class of enterprises, and digital money will be considered a business for software development and support on the blockchain technology basis. The authorities of South Korea plan to fully legalize the cryptocurrency market and recognize all companies that are associated with digital money, regulated by financial […]

Will Bitcoin Rise in Price? South Korea Legally Recognizes Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Ameer Rosic, Blockgeeks online Blockchain Hub founder and entrepreneur explains why he believes investing in cryptocurrencies should be open to people and what it will trigger widespread blockchain implementation during his interview at this year’s BlockShow Europe 2018. According to Mr. Rosic, the whole market cap of about less $400 billion and when it reaches […]

Good news:‘Everyone Is Smart Enough to Lose or Make Money’ in Crypto, says Blockgeek’s Ameer Rosic

In the course if conference is Zug, Hyperledger Linux Foundation Executive Director Brian stated that most users would not understand when major market players (financial institutions, social networks and government websites) would switch to blockchain. Also, according to the Hyperledger Executive Director blockchain will have huge impact on storage of personal data on the Internet. […]

Behlendorf: world-wide implementation of blockchain

Regardless to the fact that bitcoin experiences tough times and its has dropped by 70% over the past 7 months, many experts believe that the cryptomarket is in its infancy and its further development may lead to wider usage of cryptocurrency. Hype around cryptocurrency has just appeared and has not even got close to the […]

Bitcoin: Crypto Mania Has Not Even Started