Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin


It seems that the faith in cryptocurrency mining is lost not only among home enthusiasts, but also among quite large pools that have been engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies for a long time. According to the official Twitter account of the BitPico mining pool, the guys have sold all their Bitcoins and are going […]

BitPico Mining Pool: Goodbye Bitcoin, Goodbye Mining

The Bitcoin exchange rate fell below $7 000 after the recently launched downward rally. Buyers have delivered all the important levels and have given the opportunity to cryptocurrency to fall to a new frontier. The price of bitcoin lost almost $ 2,500 or 30% within last 7 days. That was the largest drop in the […]

Bitcoin Exchange Rate Has Lost 30% in Seven Days, Investors Massively Sell the Cryptocurrency

Ran Neuner and Anthony Pompliano believe it’s true Mike Arrington, Fouder and CEO of Arrington XRP Capital, during his discussion with Ran Neuner, CEO of OnChain Capital, said that he still believed that Bitcoin would reach 25,000 USD by the end of the year. In this regard Neuner stated that he still saw bullish trend […]

Michael Arrington: Bitcoin Will Hit 25,000 USD by the End of the Year

Changpeng Zhao, Executive Director of Binance, the world’s major crypto exchange platform, shared his thoughts on the future of Binance, blockchain and decentralization. Since last year, the market has been suffering to accept new technology and, to fight frauds. Blockchain technology was full of speculations and many people have no idea what the technology actually […]

Binance Executive Director: Future of Blockchain and Decentralization

IHS Market, a financial and technology data analytics company, released a July report, predicting that blockchain technology could lead to a $2 trillion increase in business activity by 2030. The report includes the full value of the technology (not specific coins in the market). Despite the current downturn in the crypto market in general, the […]

IHS Market: Business Value of Blockchain Will Grow to $2 trillion by 2030

Experts of the Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company UBS Group AG admit that Bitcoin is able to replace real money i general and American dollar in particular. However, to make it happen, Bitcoin trading price should be $213 thousand at least. Currently Bitcoin remains an unstable asset for any sort of investment. […]

UBS Group AG: Bitcoin is Way to Unstable to Replace Real Money

Phishing remains the most popular tool for cyber criminals aiming at financial assets of ICO projects raised by primary offerings (ICO). The high pick of phishing attacks was recorded in the second quarter of 2016 up to the first quarter of 2017, according to Group-IB, about $115 million was stolen during this period using phishing […]

Phishing Websites Helped Hackers Stealing $115 Million from ICO Projects

Executive director of the major cryptocurrency exchange Binance believes that any platform working with smart contracts is working too slow and that’s why will not be fast enough to achieve success in the long run. In a new interview with Fortune, Changpeng Zhao (“CZ”) says he believes they will be overtaken by projects that give […]

CEO Binance: Ethereum and EOS won’t succeed

Wikipedia would never launch the first generation of tokens, according to the question of whether it would hold encrypted currency in some form or to issue the first token, said Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales in his interview to Business Insider. Wales also noted that even though blockchain is «a very interesting technology» it’s still just […]

Wikipedia Founder: We Never Going to Issue Tokens

Yesterday the situation in the cryptocurrency market changed for the worse. Total capitalization of the market went down to $270 billion and Bitcoin went down as well trading at $7,500 vs $8,300. Market collapse Within last 24 hours, Bitcoin and other major digital assets gained back some of their loses and market capitalization got back […]

Why Bitcoin Dropped to $7,600?