• What trends are observed in the market
  • Can whether ether overtake bitcoin
  • What awaits Play-to-Earn
  • Can CBDC be considered a competitor of the dollar
  • and much more

Sergey from ICO Drops was invited to the stream, where they discussed the current market situation, what is worth take a closer look at how to choose projects, what to participate in and much more. It turned out very interesting!

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For those who do not have time to watch the entire stream, we have prepared a text extract.

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What and why is happening with the market now?

Money began to be pumped into stronger projects, startups, blockchains. Users try to choose more reliable assets. Despite the fact that the market is in the red, “long money” is still investing.

The blockchain trend, will it continue?

Projects may be re-evaluated. Most of the new ones just fork products from each other. The main growth is shown by independent blockchains

What interesting thing is going on now?

New major projects have started to launch again, old ones are starting to distribute drops, as Goldfinch did recently.

Trend with ambassador programs and nodes still up-to-date?

Of course, it is the only one for users with a small deposit in terms of compatibility.

What do you think about P2E? If “games like games” appear, will this be a good boost for the market?

When the quality of games increases, the profitability of the game itself will most likely fall. It is better not to wait until the games become good, it is better to join right now.

Will bitcoin flip? How likely is this and what factors will affect it?

This situation is very similar to “overton windows”. This topic has already become mainstream in the society of large funds. Aether has a developed ecosystem, in the long run it can become larger with massadaption. While bitcoin is the “grandfather”, but most likely it will not go anywhere.

Also, special attention should be paid to stablecoins. The crypto world will not leave them anywhere.

What is the difference between dollar and CBDC? Is it possible to merge?

CBDCs will be legally enforceable, whereby it will be possible to buy conditional real estate, and all this will be legal and will not cause any problems. Perhaps even against this background, DeFi will appear in the real world.

What do you mean by massadopsheny in the crypt?

P2E games that most gamers will play, convenient banking that will provide the ability to transfer funds without even thinking that you are transferring crypto.

“How did you survive the moment, after the first large sums (conditional $ 1 million), when Did you understand that life is already secured? It’s more psychology. I was preparing to become rich in advance. When big money gets into your hands, you need to keep in mind the idea of ​​​​how to properly dispose of it, this is the main thing. You need to think about how to scale your success, how to improve life not only for yourself. Also, do not increase your spending after your income has increased dramatically.

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