Аналитики назвали два крипто-сектора, которые защищены от скачков курса биткоина

  • The situation with cryptocurrency rates is covered with gloomy forecasts

  • This does not mean that the market is frozen, and we are dependent on the bitcoin rate

  • DappRadar analysts named sectors that are developing in their own way

    The cryptocurrency market has been storming for the third month already. Bitcoin went into a long correction, other cryptocurrencies are falling behind it, since all these assets are interconnected.

    But the report prepared by DappRadar named two sectors that do not depend on the overall market situation. They are developing rapidly and constantly attracting new users. These are blockchain games and NFTs.

    Key market for NFT Games and Blockchain

    DappRadar highlights in the report that the Asian market is becoming a key market for the industry. With strong interest in blockchain and NFT games, this region surpassed the all-time leader of the United States for the first time.


    Course Independence cryptocurrencies

    Experts emphasized that NFTs and P2P games do not correlate with the rate of cryptocurrencies. For example, they cite the dynamics of Ethereum prices and the dynamics of NFT sales.

    As we know, the ETH rate has been falling lately. But the sales volume of NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain shows a steady growth. That is, this sector does not depend on the exchange rate:

    График корреляции между курсом ЕТН и общим торговым объемом NFT


    203510 Continuation of the uptrend

    Analysts note that NFTs and blockchain games showed explosive growth last year. And there is a good chance that this trend will continue. They base this conclusion on the upcoming premieres of interesting projects.

    For example, game versions of the long-awaited Genopets and Star Atlas should be released this year. Both projects are built on Solana, so there will be low transaction fees.