Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin

BTC-Everything is live on now

Nearly a year ago the cryptocurrency space went through an extremely volatile yet, for most, highly rewarding period. Nonetheless, there are those who thrive in an environment characterized by low volatility, sideways movement for months, and trading opportunities reserved only for the highly skilled. These adept traders and investors look through tons of information to discover the smallest market imperfection that gives them their trading edge. Naturally, the speed with which they process all of this information is the key factor that defines who is most successful.

An advanced platform that in its basis synthesizes sophisticated data analysis techniques with convenient information structuring is the device that one such trader would utilize on daily basis.

The global financial markets, where the yearly trading volume of equity instruments reaches over US$ 90 trillion, are practically saturated with these platforms; be it Bloomberg Terminal, Thomson Reuters Eikon, or Morningstar Direct, all serve the same purpose. In this respect, although highly demanded by the public, the cryptocurrency markets until this moment have not been presented with this type of analytics tool.

Some have attempted to create it and failed while others have some parts of it – overall, they lack both knowledge of market structure and the understanding of the new era of global digital liquidity. No one yet has demonstrated their affinity with quantitative finance, knowledge in artificial intelligence, deep understanding of the cryptocurrency space, and the ability to develop intricate trading software – all comprising the bare minimum to create the platform.

BTC-Everything is here to set the cornerstone upon which the crypto community can lean, for the provision of that platform.

Currently, at BTC-Everything one can sort and filter aggregated news feed and YouTube feed according to the cryptocurrency it is related and the desired time frame. One can generate their own cryptocurrency feed from Reddit, Twitter, Cointelegraph, and many more while commenting on and sharing one’s favorites. Over ten categories indicate quickly the general theme of the news and customizable tags cloud functionality visualizes the hottest topics of the past 24 hours, both allowing for “at-a-glance” review of the most recent breaking news. One can also review and observe the impact of filtered past events, while saving, voting for, and checking the validity of those upcoming. Finally, the microservices display the state of the market as well as specific coin and the related news and media supported by tags cloud at any point in time, at any page of the platform.

Stay tuned for many more updates in the near future.