Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin

American Congressman Offers To Raise Funds For Building A Border Wall Issuing Wall Coins

Warren Davidson promotes blockchain initiatives and believes that the Treasury should hold an ICO.
In USA, the member of the House of Representatives Warren Davidson offered to issue Wall Coin to finance building of American-Mexican wall, NPR. .
One of Donald Trump’s election pledges is building a wall on the board between USA and Mexico to prevent illegal migrants from entering the country. He threatened to dissolve the government if it refuses to allocate the money from the budget to this purpose. .
Warren Davidson who is famous for speeches protecting cryptocurrencies offered “a modest compromise” in the form of his own initiative already called «Buy a Brick» («Buy a Brick, Build a Wall»). He offers to use charity to raise funds for this purpose within the framework of his initiative.
Explaining what the fundraising mechanism looks like from his point of view, Davidson used blockchain as an example and offered to hold the ICO, issuing so called «wall coins». He said it was possible to do it with some sort if crowdfunding site or even do it basing on blockchain and issue wall coins. But the main thing was that the funds would be raised in this o that way. He said that if the treasury made it correctly, it would even be possible attract Mexican peso.
The congressman did not clarify whether he offered his blockchain concept of wall financing officially. However, he had already promoted cryptocurrency-related legislative initiatives, in particular, he called for regulation of the ICO area under the principle of “feather touch” allowing to bypass federal security acts. In his recent draft, he offered to create a new class of assets for cryptocurrencies and tokens which would divide the tokens and cryptocurrencies, fiat and securities.
Commenting on the idea of the wall creation itself, Warren Davidson noted that even if his idea was accepted, it was unlikely that the government would manage to raise as much as it wanted. He said that there are some places which should be protected with the help of a wall, but even planned $5 billion would not be enough for building a sort of Great Chinese Wall, so some part of the border would be closed with the help of an ordinary fence.
This Donald Trump’s initiative is often called cannibal and populist, however, it remains a topical issue under consideration. Of course, it is possible to use various ways of mobilization of resources, but the Congress still has no answer to “Why?” question.