Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin

Blockchain Moscow. The first meeting with NEO in Russia

Date: 23.10.2018


NEO is a non-commercial blockchain-based project which has active community of developers all over the world. The project uses blockchain and digital ID for asset digitalization and automation of their management with the help of smart contract. The project is aimed at creation of a new model of economical relationship between people (“Smart economy”) using distributed network and specifies its three main components: a platform for smart-contract processing, digital assets and digital identification.
NEO project was founded in 2014 and became available on GitHub in June, 2015. NEO believes that development of its developers’ community is very important. Neo has a big community of developers from all over the world, such developers’ groups as CoZ, NEL and NeoResearch make an invaluable contribution to NEO development.
Use case:
For example, it is possible to digitalize real estate document documents and sell them without involvement of legal or any other intermediaries.
It is possible to digitalize and exchange various assets with the help of NEO: gold, autos, houses and etc. To make it possible, one needs to link real assets to digital ones (digital identification is carried out for this purpose) and to make a corresponding smart contract (Neo Contract).

First of all, NEO is an innovative economical project and its token is a tool for implementation of integrated economy idea.
The experts will discuss the following topics at the meet-up:
advantages of NEO smart contract
common mistakes and difficulties with creation of Streamity’s NEO smart contract
what blockchain is and NEO platform’s vision of Smart Economy
how NEO helps to promote its ecosystem’s projects
the status of ecosystem development (number of apps, NEO Ecosystem Fund’s investments)
how to find technical documentation and get answers to the questions
18:30 Registration. Welcoming coffee.
19:00 Opening. NEO – vision of the ecosystem
19:20 What NEO project is. Technology vision of the project.
19:35 NEO ecosystem’s project: Streamity. NEO integration. Opportunities and difficulties of developments of apps with the use of NEP blockchain
19:50 Beak
20:00 NEO workshop: how to launch NEO smart contract
20:50 Why demand for blockchain developers will be higher than for other ones
Johnson Zhao, General Manager of NEO Global Development
He is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong. He has rich interdisciplinary experience in banking and international financial services. At NEO, he is engaged in interdisciplinary communication, works on development of the developers’ community, integration of blockchain-based technical solutions with modern business models.
Peter Lin – Development Director at R&D
One of the first developers at NEO. Peter is an expert in blockchain and blockchain-based apps development. Earlier, he was a developer at Huobi and an engineer at Beijing-FANUC Mechatronics.
Ilya Terekhin, the lead developer at Streamity
WEB-app design and development specialist, works in IT area since 2010. Education: Tula State Lev Tolstoy University, Mathematical support and administration of Information Systems. He has developed NEO-based smart contract for StreamDesk service.
Vladislav Kuznetsov – Streamity founder
Has been successfully working on business and assets management in the fund market for 10 years. He developed an idea and architecture of StreamDesk – decentralized platform for exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat, as well as the number of other Streamity services. He is the main intermedium between the Streamity company and outside environment: economy, technology, markets, customers and community.

At the meet you will be able to:
– learn about launching smart contracts on NEO
– get acquainted with other developers and NEO representatives
– ask NEO representatives any questions
– get acquainted with Streamity team’s experience of smart contract development on NEO blockchain
– join a promising team of Russian IT company
*The partner: Streamity (The project is aimed at building of a leading blockchain community in Russia. It is a creator of the world’s first decentralized app for exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat with the help of smart contracts)