Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin

100% Natural Food & Technology. Is organic future nearby?

ATF is the revolutionary fully automated intelligent appliance powered by blockchain and patented technology for the industrial cultivation of popular and unique species of various types of greens, vegetables and fruit all year round and regardless of climate conditions.

ATF’s mission is to supply the world with 100% healthy food through the use of the latest technology and blockchain.

Main Benefits:

• 100% Natural food
• No chemicals and other impurities
• Patented technology & blockchain
• 99% predictable harvest volume
• Stable plan for your business
• Availability of your favorite food anywhere and at anytime
• Easy accessible i-App
• Ready-to-use analysis and digitization of the growth conditions of any species from the list of cultivated
• Reduction of the environmental harm

The project has already become demanded among investors and real customers, whereby multiple requests for ATF farms’ construction in different parts of the world are being submitted on a daily basis.

Still doubting? Then take a look at the website to find out how true organic innovation looks like: