Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin

Microsoft and Lufthansa are united under Blockchain flag thanks to Unibright

Over 20 blockchain engineers with 20+ years of experience in business integration support Unibright project that earned great reputation by working with well-known companies like Microsoft, Lufthansa, and NEM.

These are only some enterprises that work with the Unibright ecosystem. The Unibright team units SPO Consulting which also lists clients such as Shell, Samsung, and Siemens.

What is Unibright?

Unibright is described as a “unified framework for blockchain based business integration”. Its work is to assist in and improve international company’s opportunities when it comes to implementation of the technological innovation of blockchain. All parts of business practices or needs are covered under by Unibright, it helps complete Business Integration Lifecycle.

The Unibright team has created pitch deck in order to describe its history and basics,. It has all the details regarding their partnerships and workings from the last few decades and followed by the launch of Unibright to assist businesses in implementation of blockchain into existing processes and future plans.

Obviously, blockchain-assistance is needed in different business cases. Thus Unibright has been featured by Entrepreneur and Forbes.

In April, Unibright ICO saw almost 100 million native UBT tokens purchased and the company has been working hard to implement its blockchain innovations into the hands of real experts, users, and companies. To power smart contract development and connection, the UBT token will be used.

There are several reasons for the future success of Unibright: media attention, great amount of early investors, and the promise of great opportunities in leading enterprise blockchain adoption. The company is extremely well positioned to be of use for businesses across an exceptionally wide field.

Unibright Partnerships

Unibright announced a partnership with NEM last week. It’s a leading platform in the blockchain industry and will start “adding NEM oriented code generation to the Unibright framework”. Right now the NEM token has the 17th largest market cap which means it is a partnership that deserves a lot of attention.

Before the NEM announcement, Unibright had announced partnerships with both the U.S. computing giant, Microsoft and Lufthansa, the leader in German aviation. These partnerships include pitting interested engineers and technical experts into exercises in order to figure out what blockchain and the Unibright platform are capable of producing.
You can find all the details here; including various exercises. It clearly shows the way the Unibright platform can be used with existing businesses processes to develop value for enterprises. The goal of the hackathon was to “create understanding on how smart contracts work and how hard it still is these days to code a contract manually”.

Unibright Future

Unibright is on a path to change the trends in blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry. A strong team and impetus carrying from the April ICO and the summer’s partnerships, will make a difference by brining blockchain straight to the employees and teams of the world’s largest enterprises.

The UBT token is now listed on QRYPTOS exchange if you are interested in buying cryptocurrency and be a part of a promising ecosystem.

In the middle of September, the first 100 new KYC-approved QRYPTOS account that hold at least 100 UBT, QASH tokens worth 10 USD will be granted for free. Create your account before September 14 using the following link: