Bitcoin Price Could Hit $15,000 This Year

Christopher Matta, Goldman Sachs

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD

Vitalik Buterin

What does Blockchain-state “Decenturion” Invest in?

“The world’s first blockchain state “Decenturion” transferred 150 million tokens of Unicom24, Decenturion BitRent Development and DC Exchange to its citizens accounts. Each of the companies promised double-digit returns to the token-holders at the first congress of the state citizens in July, in Moscow.

The credit platform Unicom4 is created and controlled by a son of the largest contractor of “Gazprom”. We are talking about Grigory Nak the deputy chairman of the youth government of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, whose father Igor Nak owns Yamaltransstroy, which built Ob – Bovanenkovo railway to the largest fields of Gazprom.

Large Loan Platform for “Decenturion”

Blockchain-state “Decenturion” stated that it intended to transfer a half of token from startups, in which it would invest, to its citizens for free. Such a business model has caused skepticism in the crypto community: who would give a half of their tokens away for free. Meanwhile, Trade One, BitRent Development and Unicom have already done this and have become partners of the “Decenturion”.

Unicom is loan service, launched in the spring of 2011. The platform earns on providing banks with customer-borrowers and their credit histories. Unicom traffic is generated from 5,000 sites, 132 credit institutions (including Sberbank, Tinkoff); today, the platform has 35 million applications for loans. The nearest goal of Unicom is to collect 60 million users. The service aims to become an international p2p platform on the blockchain technology; it is designed to reach 3.5 billion people with a market volume of 42 trillion rubles. You can pay up to 20% of a loan with Unicom tokens, and they can be used as a collateral. Token holders will be able to borrow at the most attractive rates. LLC “Unicom” is owned by four individuals: Gregory Nak (63,6%), Yuriy Kudryakov (25.1%). Both owners are from Tyumen. Yuriy Kudryakov – CEO of Unicom24, he talked about the big plans of the credit platform at the congress. Grigory Nak is the son of Igor Nak – general director and co-owner of Yamaltransstroy and deputy of the Tyumen regional Duma. The CEO of this company was also Grigory’s grandfather – Vladimir Nak. “Yamaltransstroy” for more than 20 years has been building the railway Obskaya – Bovanenkovo (509 km) to the Bovanenkovo, Novoportovskoye and Kharasavey gas fields developed by Gazprom. “Yamaltransstroy” remains the contractor of Gazprom structures and Russian Railways.

Real Estate and Exchange for New State

“Decenturion” invests in other projects, as well. In particular, it is going to buy islands in Malaysia. Decenturion BitRent Development, which has already shared its tokens with “Decenturion” citizens, will build on them. There will be built 700 thousand square meters of housing for 20 thousand most active citizens, as well as about 500 thousand square meters of commercial real estate (hotels, business centers) for business, the ministries of the blockchain state and tourists. The cost of construction will be $ 400 million. The structural elements of buildings will be chipped: this will allow investors to obtain information on real estate in a decentralized network in real time.

“Decenturion” will have the largest cryptocurrency exchange DTEX. It will start with a decentralized blockchain platform “with thousands of the best trading strategies” of existing TradeOne traders. To do this, TradeOne selects traders, analyzing their trading strategies, success, level of risk. The launch of the project is scheduled for September. It will be easy to make the largest cryptocurrency exchange: all citizens of “Decenturion” have tokens. And there will be 30 million citizens. Further plans include a cryptoexchange, pension accounts.